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Frequently Asked Questions

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Borrowing and Returning Items

Account Features & Help



How do I get a library card?

To learn more about how to get a library card, visit our membership page.

Why does Frisco Library charge non-residents for library services?

The Frisco Library is funded through City property taxes paid by those who live within the city limits. County funding, historically accepted by the Library, only subsidized 10% of actual library use by county residents, but is no longer received. State funds for libraries have been eliminated. These funding realities make it necessary to limit no-charge services to Frisco residents. The fee for non-residents ensures that all Frisco Library members provide financial support for the materials and services used.

Do taxes paid to Frisco Independent School District support city library services?

Frisco ISD and the City of Frisco are two separate taxing entities. Property owners pay taxes to Frisco ISD to cover the costs of public education, including support of school libraries. Taxes paid to the City of Frisco cover the cost of police and fire, infrastructure, parks and recreation, the library and more.

How is it determined which cities are eligible for a no-charge Frisco Library membership?

These cities geographically touch Frisco, fund their own city libraries at a level comparable to Frisco’s, provide similar services, and have entered a “Reciprocal Lending Agreement” with Frisco to offer no-charge memberships to Frisco residents. 

Why are eBook and eAudiobook downloads and digital streaming only available to Frisco Residents?

Restrictions in contracts with digital content providers prohibit non-residents from using eBooks or most streaming services.

If I do not have a Frisco Library membership, what services are available to me?

Those who do not hold cards are welcome at the library. While you may not borrow materials, you may use many other library resources and services:

  • Browse and read materials in the library
  • Use public access computers and the guest Wi-Fi (COF-Guest) connection
  • Attend library programs, as space permits
  • Use fee-based services such as faxing, printing, copying, and Family Search Interlibrary Loan.
How often will I need to renew my Frisco Library membership?

If you live in Frisco, you will renew your card every 3 years by showing proof of current address.

If you live in Allen, McKinney, Plano, or The Colony, you will renew your card annually by showing proof of current address.

If you live elsewhere, you will renew your card annually by paying the $50 annual membership fee and showing proof of current address.

I have a TexShare card. May I use it at Frisco Library?

The Frisco Library does not participate in the TexShare program. To find the nearest participating public library, please visit the Texas State Library website.

I lost my card. How do I get a replacement?

Replacement library cards are available by showing photo ID at the Cards and Accounts desk on the 1st floor.

How do I pick up my library card?

Visit the Frisco Library in person with your photo ID and proof of address within 7 days of applying for the card.

Borrowing and Returning Items

How many items can I check out? How long can I keep my items?

A member may check out up to 100 items at a time. Within that 100 items there are some limits by collection. At any given time, a member may check out:

  • eBooks and eAudiobooks (Frisco residents only) - 10 per card; one or two week checkout; no renewals
  • 2x2 picture books - one week checkout
  • Bluebonnets - 5 per card; two week checkout
  • Holiday picture books - 5 per card; one week checkout
  • Maker Kits - 2 per card; two week checkout
  • Theme backpack (Story Time or STEM Backpack) - 2 per card; two week checkout
  • Travel kit - 2 per card; two week checkout

All other books, CDs, movies, and audiobooks check out for a two week period. Items will automatically renew up to three times unless a member's account is blocked, the item has a hold for another member, or the renewal limit has been reached.

Where can I drop books off?

We have three return locations:

  • Inside the library, to the right of the Cards and Accounts desk on the 1st floor.
  • At the drive-thru on the south side of the building.
  • At the LibraryLocker, located inside the Frisco Athletic Center.
I have overdue items! Will I be fined? How much is my fine?

The Frisco Public Library does not charge daily fines for overdue items. If you have overdue items, your account will be blocked (which means you won’t be able to place holds or check out new items) until all overdue items are checked in. If items are kept more than 30 days overdue, your account will be turned over to a collections agency. These items are assumed lost and your account is charged for the price of each item, a per-item processing fee (the price of making a regular book from a library vendor into a proper library book), and a referral fee. If the items are returned in good condition, the price of the items and the processing fees are waived. The referral fee is non-refundable.

Can I check out with my driver’s license? Can I check out without a library card?

You can check out using your Texas driver's license. Take your license to the first floor Cards and Accounts desk, so that it can be added to your account.  Then, you can scan your driver's license at any self-check station to check out.

Can I check out digital content (e.g. eBooks, eAudiobooks, and digital magazines)?

Yes you can! You can search for them in the catalog or in our Digital Library. You will also find information about setting up your device.

Account Features & Account Help

What’s my library card number?

Your library card number is the entire series of numbers below the barcode on your library card. Enter this number with no spaces.

What’s my password?

Your password is the code you set up when you created your account. If you need to retrieve or reset your password, you may either visit any Ask Us desk or visit Password Help on our website.

Does the library have an app?

Yes! Download the library's app to search the catalog, review your account, reserve a study room, view the library's calendar, and more. 

Can I receive text message notifications?

You can select to receive a text message to notify you when you have a hold item available for pickup, an item is overdue, and more.

  • Log in to your account. 
  • An overview of your account will appear. Click on “SMS Notifications.”
  • Click on “Add New.”
  • Create a name for your phone in the label field.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Select the type of text notifications you would like to receive.
  • Click “Save.”
My account is blocked! What do I do?

Blocked accounts have overdue items. Please return any overdue items.

How do I use the List feature on my online account?

In the catalog, click on the item you would like to add to your list, and the item information should open in a pop-up window.  Click on the "Select an action" button in the top left corner of the pop-up window. You’You will find an option to "Add to my lists". Until you sign in to your account, the item will stay in a temporary list. To save the list, be sure to log in.

Can I see a list of everything I've checked out in the past?

You can opt-in to view a list of your checkout history. The default setting is for this feature to be disabled. If you choose to opt-in or remove this setting, changes may take 24 hours.

To opt-in or to opt-out for checkout history:

  • Log in to your account. 
  • Open "Preferences" on the Personal Information tab.
  • Check the boxes next to "Show my checkout history" and "Record my checkout history"
  • Government entities could request your checkout history and information will be provided to government entities in accordance with Library policies. By enabling checkout history for your account, you are doing so at your own risk.

To view checkout history:

  • Log in to your account. 
  • Open "Checkout History" on the Checkouts tab.
  • Titles will appear after the item is returned.
  • Titles checked out prior to enabling checkout history will not display.