Teen Anime Club

for teens, ages 12-18
3rd Thursdays at 6 pm

Ohayou! Whether you ar a newbie or an enthusiast, this club is for you! Watch episodes of popular anime series, talk about your favorite manga and characters, and make fun arts and crafts with fellow otaku.

Jan 17 - Black Cat
Watch episodes of the popular Black Cat series, and make shrinky dink anime-inspired art.

Feb 21 - .hack//Quantum
Make a cute plushy while watching episodes from the .hack//Quantum series.

Mar 21 - Cherry Blossom festival
It's time for the annual hanami! Dress in your favorite kimono or cosplay outfit, and make origami flowers.

Apr 18 - Hetalia World Conference
Witness our very own World Conference (a la the Hetalia: Axis Powers series), in which chosen Anime Club members personify countries. Come watch the madness. This event will be held in the Council Chambers.


The event has passed.
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1st floor - Teen Room
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Hey, I know the Hetalia World Conference was the last meeting, but I heard at that meeting that there would be another 4 meetings starting at june(I don't know the day). Can someone please confirm this and provide the exact dates?

Thank you,

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