How to Make a Smart Teenager? Start with a 4 Year Old

Want your chi

ld to grow into a teenager with an optimally developing brain? Research says the key lies at age 4.

Our friends at Signing Time recently posted about the results of a 20 year long University of Pennsylvania neuroscience study. The study found that “the most critical aspect of cortex development in late teens was stimulation [at] age four.”

So the more books, story times, and educational experiences you introduce to your 4 year old, the more developed their brain’s center for language, cognition, and general knowledge will be years later. Investing now in your child’s mental stimulation now can pay off later when they face challenging decisions that often accompany the teen years.

The Frisco Public Library can be your partner in this endeavor! Learn about our services, story times, and more at

Bonnie Barber Bonnie Barber
Youth Services Librarian

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