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Community Engagement & Outreach

Your Library. Your Location.

We'd love to visit you!


We can create presentations for any age group! Library staff are available to serve as guest speakers at meetings, workshops, and conferences, or as guest readers at child care centers or elementary schools.

Let us know about your event and what you're looking for and we'll customize a presentation for you. 

Interactive Booths

Frisco Public Library staff can showcase a variety of resources at: expos, conferences, school open houses, or other large events. 

Tell us about your event and we can prepare a unique booth experience.

Popular booth experiences include:

  • Promotional material for library programs and services
  • Interactive experiences with library technology
  • Library card sign-ups

Request a Visit

Fill out the form below to request a visit from Frisco Public Library staff.

Events will be scheduled based on the availability of staff and Library resources. Priority will be given to events held in Frisco or benefiting Frisco residents.

How many attendees do you anticipate at your event?
Which age group best describes your event attendees?
What would you like Frisco Public Library to do at your event?
Is there is a particular date & time for your event? Where will your event be held? What is your goal for Library staff during your event (i.e. library card sign-ups, sharing information about library programs, services, and research tools, etc.)?
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